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Top Window Options for Your Home or Business 

Discover a world of window options at MBR LLC. From classic double-hung styles to stunning, modern designs, we offer something for every taste.

  1. Double Hung Windows – Popular Window Type

Double-hung windows feature a unique construction with two sashes – one at the top and another at the bottom, which can be maneuvered independently. Moreover, each sash can tilt inward, simplifying the cleaning process and maintenance routine. If you’re considering a window upgrade for your home, especially for upper floors where interior cleaning of external window surfaces is more convenient, double-hung windows make a stellar option.

  1. Sliding Windows – A touch of mid-century style

Horizontal sliding windows, a nod to classic mid-century design, function similarly to single or double-hung windows but with a twist – they glide horizontally (either to the left or right) instead of moving up and down. Replacement slider windows are offered in various configurations, including 2- and 3-lite units where two sashes shift horizontally. With some of our brands, you can also find single slider windows, where one sash (either right or left) moves while the other remains stationary.

  1. Hinged Windows: Casement & Awning Style – Optimal Air Circulation Solution

Casement and awning windows, while similar in design, differ mainly in the positioning of the hinge. Both are composed of a solitary sash, hinged and operated by a crank for opening and closing. In the case of casement vinyl replacement windows, the hinge is situated either on the right or the left; for awning windows, the casement structure is oriented sideways, placing the hinge on top.

These vinyl casement and awning windows, maneuvered by a fixed crank, are an excellent option for places above features like sinks, cabinets, and others that might disrupt the easy operation of the window by the homeowner. Casement windows facilitate top to bottom airflow, the volume of which can be conveniently regulated using the crank. In contrast, awning windows have the added benefit of keeping rain out even when they are open. Both types of windows come with a foldable crank to prevent it from obstructing window treatments or furniture.

Casement windows are ideally suited for areas where the window height is more than double its width, whereas awning windows are typically wider than their height.

  1. Hopper Style Windows – Light And Air Circulation With An Element Of Seclusion

Hopper-style windows operate on a single-sash system that swings inward from the top, similar to an awning window but in reverse. These windows are often the choice for spaces where light and ventilation are desired, but with an emphasis on maintaining privacy, such as in laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms. By introducing light to typically darker areas, they enhance the attractiveness and value of the home. When combined with a small, insulated picture window or another window type, hopper windows can also serve as an exterior venting source for dryers.

  1. Stationary Windows – Embrace The Beauty Of Outdoors

Stationary windows, also known as picture windows, are a versatile choice suitable for any room of your home. They are particularly beneficial in areas where you want to avoid windows opening into outdoor features like landscaping, decks, or walkways. Their primary appeal lies in the uninterrupted views they offer, making them an excellent choice to showcase picturesque outdoor vistas.

A generously sized stationary window can substitute any existing window style, infusing the room with an abundance of natural light and a broadened perspective. Not merely a visual upgrade, these windows offer superior energy efficiency. To create a dramatic panoramic view or to incorporate ventilation, stationary windows can be paired with casement or double hung windows.

  1. Window Gardens – Enhance Home Aesthetics And Boost Ventilation

Commonly situated right behind the kitchen sink, window gardens are excellent for inviting more light into your house while providing a mini greenhouse for your herbs or small plants. These windows can also serve as an attractive alcove in your bathroom or den, ideal for displaying decorative pieces. The three-dimensional structure of window gardens adds depth to a room, making it a striking way to elevate your home’s exterior appeal.

Our custom-made, vinyl window gardens from Provia feature twin casement windows that can be opened, along with two stationary panes. Each of these casement windows comes with a screen to prevent insect intrusion. We also offer our window gardens with one or two adjustable glass shelves that have polished edges, brackets, and standards.

  1. Bay And Bow Windows – Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal

Although technically not singular windows, bay and bow windows offer an impressive accent to your home’s exterior. These window types consist of casement, double hung, and/or picture windows arranged side by side at varying angles.

To distinguish between a bay and a bow window, consider this: a traditional bay window is designed with a larger central window, accompanied by narrower windows on either side, all set at an angle. The central and side windows may be double hung, fixed, or casement. In contrast, a bow window comprises four or more equally sized windows, arranged at angles to form a curved outward projection. Like the bay window, the components of a bow window can be fixed, double hung, or casement.

As an alternative to a standard picture window or double hung windows, bay and bow window replacements add an extraordinary touch to a living room or master suite. They often feature a window seat, the perfect spot for reading or simply appreciating the view.

  1. Bespoke Window Designs-Enthrall With Unique Geometries

Particularized window configurations, often known as bespoke windows, serve as an excellent way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residence, adding the perfect finishing touch to any exterior home refurbishment project.

These windows, available in an array of shapes and dimensions, can either stand alone as a central highlight or be combined with other windows to orchestrate a breathtaking visual of your abode. Bespoke windows will enhance your home’s distinctive character, while also brightening your rooms with increased natural illumination. Geometric windows serve as splendid enhancements either above other window styles or as delightful embellishments to a patio door.

The energy efficiency, ventilation, and view of these windows can differ based on whether they are stationary or movable, and the choice of window brand and glass options.

We can also provide glass in many varieties such as clear, artistic, ornamental, private, and shaded.

At MBR LLC, we can also supply glass that is clear, art, decorative, privacy, and tinted. Contact us to learn more about our large selection of glass options today.

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